Keys to Successful Parenting

These parenting tips are great for newsletters or as discussion information at Parent Parties or other parent
involvement functions.

Each sheet contains valuable educational information, recipes and craft activities for parents
to do at home with their children.

The following topics are available on the Parent Parties discs:

  • Preparing Your Child for School
  • Parent Involvement-A Key to Student Success
  • Teaching Our Children to Be Thankful
  • Santa’s Check List for Parents
  • My New Year’s Resolutions
  • Teaching Our Children Good Table Manners
  • Parent Involvement Nurtures Great Opportunities
  • SMILE – Super Moms and Dads Are Involved through Love and Encouragement
  • Parents Must Help Children “Read to Achieve” Success.


The following topics are available with the Parent Parties II program:

  • Ready, Set, Go Parents! Get Off To A Good Start In Your Child’s School
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences – Are You Prepared?
  • Cooking Up Math And Reading Skills 
  • Engage In Family Learning 
  • Make Time For Reading Together
  • Talking Heart-To-Heart With Your Child
  • Preparing For Test Taking
  • Egg-cellent Parenting (What Is Your Parenting Style?)
  • Celebrate The Gifts Of Parent Involvement